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Web sites make use of techniques that are useful and intelligent to increase the ease of use and make the most interesting sites for every visitor. One of the most well-known techniques involves the use of cookies. Cookies can be used by website owners or third parties, such as advertisers, which communicate through the Web site you visit.

Cookies are small text files that a website stores on users’ computers. The information contained in the cookie can also be used to keep track of the exploration carried out in several websites that use the same cookie.

Cookies are classified according to the duration and the site that has them set.

We believe it is essential to provide users with information about cookies set out in our website and relies on the purposes for which they are used. The aim is threefold: to ensure your privacy, ensuring ease of use and optimize the development of our Web sites The explanation below shows in more detail the cookies used on our websites and related purposes.


C.e.m.o.n. Srl uses cookies to collect statistical information about visitors and to record information about your preferences when browsing Web sites Our purpose in using cookies is to improve the experience offered by our site visitors.


Depending on the individual objectives, using different cookie.

The following is a list of the most common types of cookies and the purposes for which they are used.


Session cookies are temporarily stored in your computer’s memory when you are browsing a website, for example, to keep track of the selected language. Session cookies are stored in your computer for a short period of time. They are in fact deleted when the user closes the Web browser


Permanent cookies save a file on your computer for a long period of time. This type of cookie has an expiration date. Persistent cookies enable Web sites to remember information and settings to the subsequent user visits, thus making it more practical and rapid exploration, since, for example, you no longer need to log on.

At the maturity date, the cookie is automatically deleted when you first log on to the Web site that created it.


These cookies are set by websites themselves (with domain the same as shown in the address bar of the browser) and can only be read by those sites. Are commonly used to store information such as preferences, to be used at subsequent visits to the site.


These cookies are set from domains other than the one indicated in the address bar of the browser, or by organizations that do not correspond to the owners of web sites

Cookies used, for example, to collect information for advertising purposes and personalization of content as well as to develop Web statistics can be “third party cookies”.

The third-party cookies allow you to get the most comprehensive surveys of the browsing habits of users and are believed to be more sensitive in terms of integrity. For this reason, most Web browsers allow you to change the settings so that these cookies are not accepted.

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