The history

THE PHYTOEMBRYOTHERAPY created by Dr. Pol Henry of Brussels in 1959 is based on the use of embryonic tissues of trees or plants.

The essential element is represented by buds and other embryonic tissues such as young sprouts and roots.

The initiator of the phytoembryotherapy was undoubtedly Johan Wolfgang von Goethe with the founder work “The metamorphosis of Plants”, but already St. Hildegarde de Bingen (1098-1178) suggested to use the buds of Apple, Birch, Blackcurrant, Chestnut, Ash, Linden…

Pol Henry, a 20th century esteemed Belgian homeopath, developed this method starting from the biochemical bases according to which there was a correlation between each bud and a peculiar biological balance. He prescribed the bud when he could find such biological profile in a patient.

Why buds?

The first reason is based on biochemical data.

In fact, the main reserve of vegetable meristems is in the bud. These meristems are groups of undifferentiated embryonic cells of the plant. In vitro, one of these embryonic cells can build the plant in its entirety.

In biology, the term undifferentiated cell or matrix cell indicates a cell able to give specialized cells by differentiation. Each cell contains a large quantity of nucleic acids (genetic information) and contains minerals, oligoelements, vitamins, enzymes, various growth factors called auxins and gibberellins, hormones which disappear after the formation of chlorophyll.

The extract of the energy from the embryonic tissues contains the genetic information of the plant (embryonic virtue of meristem) as well as the properties of the various parts of the plant (fruit, leaf, flower, stem, bark, root, seed, sap…)

The first reason concerns the energy.

Since the bud is located on the tree branches, it is influenced by telluric and cosmic elements.

The bud and the young sprout meet these two strengths.

On the contrary, the root is only influenced by telluric strength.

This “crossroad” position between Earth and Sky is the core to understand its action on the man, who himself is the connection between Sky and Earth .

The third reason is symbolic.

The whole plant is just a deployment, a representation of what virtually rests within the bud or the seed. Buds and seeds only need the proper external influences to become perfect plants.

Let’s take a look at the differences between bud and seed: the seed develops in the ground, it is able to keep the memory of the information (principle of eternal life) for a long time.

The bud represents a higher vegetable individual, or yet, a full cycle of vegetable formation. For each bud, the plant somehow tackle a new stage of its life, it regenerates, concentrates its strength to deploy them again.

The development of the bud is, at the same time, an interruption of growth: the life of the plant can concentrate and rest within the bud, when the conditions of real life are lacking, to deploy again when they are collected. The winter interruption is based on this principle, and the redeploy during spring is, somehow, a new vegetable life.

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