At the Ce.m.o.n. centre, each activity is carried out with liability, professionalism, transparency and social commitment. The respect for the rights and dignity of workers is fundamental as well as the attention to and the protection of the environment. All the collaborators aim at developing a loyal relationship with the physicians, coworkers, institutions, business partners, customers and public opinion.

Ce.m.o.n.’s scientific and corporate culture is able to deliver to pharmacists the homeopathic remedy compliant with the homeopathic pharmacopoeia and a range of non-invasive homeopathic remedies. Furthermore, the centre feels responsible to guarantee to the homeopath that his/her patients will find homeopathic remedies of highest quality – a fundamental requirement for their effectiveness – at the chemist’s shop.

Ce.m.o.n. is committed to follow the guidelines of pharmacopoeia related to homeopathic medicine in Italy, by being accountable to physicians, pharmacists and patients who put their trust in the company.

The centre is a well-established reality and its history is linked to the educational activity of the greatest 20th century masters of homeopathic medicine.

Ce.m.o.n. has a project about the future scientific and cultural transformation: giving the treatment tool the deserved value and place among the elements that define health.
Customers are offered a high-quality range of homeopathic products and a natural cosmetic line. A range of intramolecular potencies consistent with the needs and the freedom of choice of the treatment and all the commitment to deliver personal care products.

Uff. Direttivi - Amministrazione -
Distribuzione - Uff. Vendita - Servizio
Centrale - Servizio Scientifico

Corso Giuseppe Garibaldi,198
80028 – Grumo Nevano Italia
Tel. +39 0815057296
Fax +39 0813953244


Via Enrico Fermi,4
80028 – Grumo Nevano Italia
Tel. +39 0813951532
Fax +39 0815053431

 Sede Storica Scuola e Biblioteca

Viale Antonio Gramsci ,18
80122 – Napoli Italia
Tel. +39 0817614707
Fax +39 0817613665

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