The vision underlying Ce.m.o.n. activities takes inspiration from an ancient knowledge stating that the man is an “entirety” who tends to self-balance. His capacity to observe natural and social phenomena allows him to separate what is right and beneficial from what is detrimental and to develop ethics, scientific thought and technical art consistent with the nature and cosmos to where he belongs.

To Ce.m.o.n., science and technology are necessary to man to achieve a balance in a project of self-sustainability within Nature.  Man, Life, Nature are cycles and projects to be protected and Ce.m.o.n. is the expression of the man who knows and evolves and observes that vital phenomena go beyond the mere physical and chemical morphology.

The centre works according to a deontological scientific statute based on 200 years of clinical and experimental evidence of the Law of Similarity. This connects the medical-pharmacological intervention to the observation of Nature which tends to self-balance, ruling out the replacement of what is natural with artificial substances. These preconditions also inspire the business vision: growing according to a culture of company’s liability, but making products to restore health to everybody available to the market.

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Corso Giuseppe Garibaldi,198
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Via Enrico Fermi,4
80028 – Grumo Nevano Italia
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Viale Antonio Gramsci ,18
80122 – Napoli Italia
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