Since from it establishment,  Ce.m.o.n. Presidio Omeopatia Italiana has been supporting a qualified teaching of homeopathic medicine, by encouraging the learning of the homeopathic therapeutic method through training events. This is how Ce.m.o.n. carries out its main mission: supporting the doctor in restoring health to patients and bring them back to the state where they feel themselves and they are in harmony with the world. Ce.m.o.n. also organizes courses and seminars addressed to all the professional figures who work in the health sector and wish to improve their competences and knowledge.

The positive response of professionals more and more interested in the training offered by Ce.m.o.n. is the best incentive to pursue the company’s goal to a widespread distribution of homoeopathy.  Ce.m.o.n. Presidio Omeopatia Italiana integrates the training also with events on how to use its products, in the clinical view that follows the Hippocrat principle “Healing without harming”


In order to disseminate the knowledge about homeopathic medicine, Ce.m.o.n. Presidio Omeopatia Italiana promotes training and publishing activities. These activities are the continuation of our mission to spread homoopathic medicine. The Study Centre “Tommaso Cigliano” and the relevant library where one can consult books about homeopathy are an integral part of this reality.

Ce.m.o.n. Publishing

Ce.m.o.n. Presidio Omeopatia Italiana carries out a publishing activity which prints and publishes fundamental books for the study of the homeopathic practice and looks after the preparation of new publications. The centre is committed in spreading homeopathic medicine and pharmacopoeia – peculiar elements of the historical identity and mission of Ce.m.o.n.  – in Italy and abroad.

The Study Center

The Ce.m.o.n. Study Center “Tommaso Cigliano” in Naples is the reality that completes the origins of Ce.m.o.n. the most, both historically and culturally: it is a place where receiving culture and spreading culture meet. Thanks to these cultural exchanges, in the course of time, human resources improve their contents and ideas, in an ongoing research for knowledge that makes room to initiatives such as seminars and debates. The “Centro Studi Tommaso Cigliano”, also as venue, is full of that charm resulting from the company history but, most important, it represents its present and future.

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Corso Giuseppe Garibaldi,198
80028 – Grumo Nevano Italia
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Fax +39 0813953244


Via Enrico Fermi,4
80028 – Grumo Nevano Italia
Tel. +39 0813951532
Fax +39 0815053431

 Sede Storica Scuola e Biblioteca

Viale Antonio Gramsci ,18
80122 – Napoli Italia
Tel. +39 0817614707
Fax +39 0817613665

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