Ce.M.O.N. warehouses di Grumo Nevano are 1200 total square meters, with a consolidated experience in the pharmaceutical distribution sector, a company orientation based on the principles of quality and the constant pursuit of the satisfaction of customer expectations.

The rooms are specially geared, air conditioned, and the temperature and humidity values ​​are constantly monitored.
The basic flow of activities includes the reception and storage of the products in equipped areas and the receipt of orders from the Customer Service, the preparation of shipping orders in the warehouse and the assignment to specialized carriers.

The connection network used by Ce.M.O.N., manages to ensure for all Client Pharmacies:

Naples Municipality and Rome Municipality

  • Orders placed within 12,30 pm, delivery is made the same day in the afternoon;
  • Orders placed within 6,00 pm, delivery is made on the next day.

For all regions

  • The delivery is always made on the day following the order placement, in the afternoon.

For the islands

  • Delivery is made in the next two days following the order placement.

Uff. Direttivi - Amministrazione -
Distribuzione - Uff. Vendita - Servizio
Centrale - Servizio Scientifico

Corso Giuseppe Garibaldi,198
80028 – Grumo Nevano Italia
Tel. +39 0815057296
Fax +39 0813953244


Via Enrico Fermi,4
80028 – Grumo Nevano Italia
Tel. +39 0813951532
Fax +39 0815053431

 Sede Storica Scuola e Biblioteca

Viale Antonio Gramsci ,18
80122 – Napoli Italia
Tel. +39 0817614707
Fax +39 0817613665

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