Cemon Homeopathics  is a new production reality where Ce.m.o.n.’s knowledge and Dr. Mariano Spiezia’s and Dr. Loredana De Cecco’s –  among the pioneers in the field of 100% organic and natural cosmetics in England – know-how merge.

Cemon Homeopathics promotes a united concept of health and life through the production of non-invasive personal care products. The selected ingredients are certified 100% organic and biocompatible production processes are used. This leads to the birth of the Inlight line.

This line was designed to fulfil the need to have protective and depurative cosmetics able to interact with the skin and enhance its defence and elimination mechanisms. The organic origin of every single ingredient used in Inlight formula is guaranteed by Soil Association – the most important control board for Organic Standards in the United Kingdom, which checks all the ingredients and certifies the relevant production method (Soil Association – UK – licence No. DJ18427).

All the production stages of Inlight cosmetic line, from the preparation of macerated oils to the finished product, are carried out manually and with care in southern Cornwall where the land is still fertile and far from the pollution of cities.

The quality brand “Made in Cornwall” certifies, after a careful inspection, that the final product is made by exploiting local suppliers and services, to encourage local economy.

All the benefits of Inlight Ce.m.o.n. Line.
• Inlight is a 100% vegetable and organic cosmetic line.
• Inlight line does not contain preservatives, colourings, synthesis perfumes and GMOs.
• All the stages of Inlight production are carried out with care, manually.
• All the products of Inlight line are suitable for the homeopathic treatment.
• Inlight line is 100% biodegradable.
• The products of Inlight line are water- and alcohol-free.
• Inlight is also suitable to the needs of vegetarians and, as regards oils, also of vegans.
• Inlight is packed with recycled and 99% post-consumer recyclable materials.
• Ingredients and products are not tested on animals.

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