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in a modern reality where our lives are managed by a multitude of biopowers and each of them with its own agenda, two adaptive views prevail in the world: the existentialist absolutism (according to which “all” was designed before and has an unchangeable order) and the post-modern relativist evolutionism (according to which also human life and its rituals and institutions, including knowledge, are ongoing historical processes and constructions).
The essentialist absolutism is the adaptive background in which most people recognize themselves, actually compromising also the future of those who  (like themselves) are not yet “educated” about the post-modern terms of coding and decoding emerging realities.

These observations are usually snubbed as “intellectual”, nevertheless they refer to the life of all of us and to all levels, including medicine, but only few resources are spent to develop post-modern adaptive cultural skills which would permit to adjust our lives inside the emerging realities.
Trying to compensate for this deficit in cultural tools to adapt to the new social scenarios is the goal of this editorial project.
In this context, this quarterly magazine is published as a means to participate in:

– perceiving reality in post-modern terms, that is, in terms of an ontology built by us, social groups, in the attempt to understand the world that happens to us and to give it a sense;
– understanding medicine as social construction, a phrase whose subject is an historical, social and linguistic subject;
– placing medicine as instrumental knowledge and a set of adaptive practices to tackle the needs of us, social groups, who recognize ourselves in these practices;
– understanding the conventional character of medicine and the ethical drift that this dimension opens;
– an historical reflection about the possibility of a new medicine paradigm which allow to decrease healthcare mistakes.

Managing director:  Rinaldo Octavio Vargas, sociologist 
Editing: Eugenia D’Alterio, biologist
 Assistant: Sara Palma, biology student 
Collaborators: Daniela Bolignano, Daniela Brillante ,Giovanni Amarone and Bartolomeo La Ferola
 Graphics and layout:Teresa Di Somma

CEMON Publishing

The quarterly magazine, published with the authorization of the Tribunal of Naples, press registry no. 3724 dated 1-4-1988 and enrolled to ROC, no. 22480 dated 16.05.2012, is printed by CEMON (Centro di Medicina Omeopatica Napoletano) Publishing department, registered office in  viale Gramsci 18, 80122 Naples, Italy. The mentioned periodical excludes the insertion of advertisements and is circulated by postal delivery.

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