The Luimo Library was established in 1976 thanks to a first fund donated by Prof. Antonio Negro and Dr. Adele Alma Rodriguez. Later it expanded thanks to donations of private individuals and purchases made by the Luimo. Nowadays, it includes about 1800 volumes, most of which are about homeopathic medecine and are published in different languages.

The Library is recognized by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and is enrolled in the registry of the Libraries of regional interest. The search for books is made easier by a database which allows to query by author, title and subject.

The supervisor of the Library helps users to consult the catalogues and to make bibliographic research, gives information and guides about the available material.

The Library is opened from Monday to Friday,
Saturday and holidays excluded,
from 11am to 2pm and from 3pm to 8pm.
For more information visit the Luimo website. Click here.

Uff. Direttivi - Amministrazione -
Distribuzione - Uff. Vendita - Servizio
Centrale - Servizio Scientifico

Corso Giuseppe Garibaldi,198
80028 – Grumo Nevano Italia
Tel. +39 0815057296
Fax +39 0813953244


Via Enrico Fermi,4
80028 – Grumo Nevano Italia
Tel. +39 0813951532
Fax +39 0815053431

 Sede Storica Scuola e Biblioteca

Viale Antonio Gramsci ,18
80122 – Napoli Italia
Tel. +39 0817614707
Fax +39 0817613665

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