Since 1971, Ce.m.o.n. Presidio Omeopatia Italiana has been producing and marketing homeopathic products. The goal is to restore health to every single people. Ever since from the start, the commitment of the Centro di medicina omeopatica has been to support the web of life, thanks to an experimental and ethical knowledge.
Ce.m.o.n markets experimentally-based homeopathic remedies compliant with the homeopathic pharmacopoeia and with the code of scientific deontology based on 2000 years of testing on the Law of Similarity.

“Heal without harming”: the philosophy of well-being

Ce.m.o.n. Presidio Omeopatia Italiana was born as educational project, an innovation in medical knowledge consistent with the Hippocratic oath. The first rule of the Hippocratic oath is based on the “do no harm” principle: healing the patient without harming. And this is the principle underlying the homeopathic medicine: as traditional medicine generates a temporary well-being, Ce.m.o.n.’s homeopathic remedies are true to the Hippocratic principle guaranteeing long-lasting health.

Based on this awareness, in 1970, Dr. Adele Alma Rodriguez and Prof. Antonio Negro established in Naples the Centro di medicina omeopatica “Tommaso Cigliano”. Ce.m.o.n. Presidio Omeopatia Italiana started to spread its scientific knowledge all over Italy and to network with similar centres at international level. During this stage of its organization, Ce.m.o.n. made the whole range of intramolecular doses available to homeopathic medicine.

In 1977 the LUINO association – Libera Università Internazionale di medicina omeopatica – was established, a reference point addressed by people interested in homeopathy to compare experiences. Today, the activities carried out by Ce.m.o.n. to support the web of life include the production – in its own laboratories – of experimentally-based homeopathic remedies and a natural and organic cosmetic line. Since its establishment, Ce.m.o.n. has been committed to market a range of non-invasive nutritional products and 100% natural, organic and homeopathic cosmetics.

Cemon also carries out Research and Development activities, thanks to the cooperation with the University of Naples “Federico II” as well as with leading associations and homeopathy scientific companies. Furthermore, the company is committed to scientific education and training through its Scientific Service, the Study Centre and the Publishing Company Edizioni CEMON Presidio Omeopatia Italiana.

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